Lisa Caccioppoli
Sturgeon MoonSummer DescendSummer BendThe Year 1976Untitled (A Little Better)The Year 1974August WaterNudeOne Year SomethingOne Year Something (detail)One Year NothingOne Year Nothing (detail)One Year ReposeOne Year Repose (detail)One Year MistOne Year Mist (detailOne Year Trafficking One Year Trafficking (detail)One Year HaltWater Under The OceanUntitled (Violet)Red, Red CoolAiding and AbettingHow Yellow and White Are MadeHow Blue and Green Are MadeSea Rushes InLand Receives SeaUntitled (No. 6)What You HaveLickBreaking MysteryTall but ThroughKingdomUntitled (Polly Got Trapped)UntitledUntitled (You Went Down Again)Untitled (Come In, Or Don't)Untitled (Pointy, Pointing)UntitledUntitled (Dances With)Untitled (Subway)Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled (4 Interceptions)Untitled (Peaks)Untitled (Almost 5 Stripes)Untitled (3 Ks)UntitledUntitledUntitled (Concentric)Untitled (Colored Ks)Untitled (Colored Sphere)Untitled (Red and Pale Red Stripes)
Born in New Jersey, 1974.
Currently living and working in New York, NY.